How Long Do I Work With Clients?

Last Updated on 13 July 2021 by Leon Rowan

I work with clients long as they need; each person, or business, varies.
My focus is on clients experiencing results as soon as possible. Because I work on a deep level, using powerful techniques, clients often make rapid progress; so many do not need excessively extended periods of help. I do not ‘need’ to ‘hang onto people’ for monetary, or other reasons, which is contrary to my life principles.
Each case, however, depends on the individual, and because personal development is essentially a lifelong pursuit, it boils down to whenever the client wants to stop.
I use a range of modalities to help clients. As an example; my Subconscious Mind Change Therapy techniques are popular with clients, including mental health professionals, which take around 3 to 4 hours to learn and reach the stage of putting the principles into practice. Clients can then help themselves, and many do. Others return for extra help or to learn about/get help with other aspects

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