Your Business Is Your Business – Discretion, Privacy And Secrecy

Last Updated on 14 July 2021 by Leon Rowan

My focus is on the needs and desires of my clients. My work is about them.
Here is my Privacy Policy. Privacy and confidentiality are a ‘given’ as standard because I operate appropriately.
This article is about a deeper level of privacy, secrecy and discretion than is normal.
My approach to basic privacy and confidentiality is more thorough than most similar service providers partly because some of my background includes investigations, intelligence analysis/work InfoSec and undercover operations. My deep personal experience and understanding of betrayal, humiliation and shame (well beyond the norm, or what one learns academically) – earlier in my life – also means I know how valuable and important to people their privacy is from a deep emotional perspective.
Some of my clients go further than most and require total discretion and even secrecy. They have their reasons and know what they are, so I won’t detail them here (partly because that helps their privacy). I do not, and will not assist people in committing crimes however, or in covering them up. My discretion and secrecy policy is about helping people with their deep privacy concerns, not crimes.
Seeing me discreetly means that some people who would otherwise not have got help can do so. It also means they may prevent further deterioration of their situation.
I am a Subconscious Mind Coach, a Life Coach, a Counsellor, an Executive Coach, Business Coach, Mentor, Staff Trainer, Healer and Shamanist. The nature of my work with clients can include some deeply personal stuff, some of which carries a stigma or other ‘negative’ implications.

My focus is on what my client wants and needs.

If my clients require extra discretion and secrecy they get it. I accept phone calls from private numbers. I need not know who my clients are, or what their work involves. If clients want to use anonymous, and/or encrypted email, they can. If necessary, I can help with suggestions on how to facilitate discretion and secrecy – what methods to use, what services to deploy and so on.
I do not report client details or sessions/consultations to anyone, and couldn’t anyway if I have no client data, such as when people see me anonymously.
I report all my income and GST to the taxation authorities (I sleep well at night). That said, if a client does not want an invoice/receipt, then I put their transaction through my accounts as a cash sale – that way I honour my tax obligations without having a record of who was the subject of the work involved.
If a client wants an invoice/receipt, but still wants anonymity, I can also note it as a cash sale on the paperwork without having to name the client. I will not lie on the invoice description about the services provided, however descriptions can be couched in terms which are more ‘discreet’. Again, honouring my tax and legal obligations, but preserving client confidentiality.
Some of my activities and services are not associated with stigma, or other drivers for needing and wanting extra discretion/secrecy; which means that if someone is known to be a client of mine, other people cannot be sure my client has seen me for help in a stigmatised area. This helps people maintain their secrecy and discretion because no one is sure about exactly what people see me about, and I will not tell. Clients are free to tell others whatever they like.
Free and convenient parking is available in my street, or on my premises, however for clients who want extra privacy and discretion, similar parking is available in streets nearby. There is also a bus stop nearby.
I also travel to see clients at their premises, and meet others in public places, such as nature. Still more receive help via the phone or a chat service, including video. Whatever works best for you and your needs for discretion.
Your business is your business, not someone else’s.
Please contact me if you want further information, or to arrange a discreet meeting or distance consultation.

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