Phone: 0468 315 333
Phone from outside Australia: +61 468 315 333
Email: leon AT or use the contact form below. Alternatively, click here and your mail client might* launch an email form (*depends on your IT/computer set up). My email is hosted at ProtonMail, which means much better privacy and security for you. You can also reach me via: leonrowancom AT or leonrowancom AT (shortened version of same address).
Quick note to marketers: I'm NOT interested – if you email me, I will report it for spam and block your email/add your email address to a blacklist. Please invest your valuable time more wisely. Thank you.
Twitter: LeonRRowan – Please send a ‘Direct Message/DM', even if you are not following.
Facebook: LeonRRowan
LinkedIn: LeonRRowan
When To Contact Leon Rowan: My work is my passion and pleasure; hence I am available in the evenings, at weekends and even on public holidays; besides normal business type hours.
Current time and day in my time-zone:

What Times And Days Am I Available?
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Mentoring – Subconscious Mind Coaching – Life Coaching – Executive Coaching – Counselling – Business Consulting – Shamanic Work .
By appointment only:
1) On Phone or Via Skype/other VOIP method, or Apple FaceTime:
I have clients all over the world, including places as far away from Australia as Alaska, United Kingdom and Denmark.
If you are more comfortable using your favourite VOIP/Chat software, please let me know, because I may use it also, and thus make things easier for you.
2) In Person:
At your place (home, business, workplace, hotel or event), outside in nature, or my premises. Includes Queensland's Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and the Northern Rivers region of NSW.
My premises address:
I do not publish my premises address online, partly because in the past casual visitors without appointments have arrived, expecting to be seen. Some of these people presented with serious and urgent issues when I could not see them because of prior arrangements with other clients.
More than 30 years ago, a client brought someone he knew unannounced, leaving the latter in a nearby park while he checked my availability in person. I was busy with another client and had to decline to help. A few days later, I heard I was the last hope for the individual brought by my client, who killed himself later that night. I did not get to investigate the extent of his problems, however, had my client taken him somewhere where he could have gotten help quickly, his life may have been saved.
Usually, I try to attend to urgent cases promptly, however I require someone to make an appointment. I appreciate your understanding. Thank you.
Postal Address: For ALL postal mail items, including Australia Post/StarTrack couriers only.
Leon Rowan
PO Box 300
Queensland 4300
Street Address: For ALL non-Australia Post/StarTrack couriers.
Please contact me for the address.
ABN: 97 168 167 854


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