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Counselling – How you can get help that works and lasts from someone who:

  • Has personal experience of overcoming problems, many of them deep seated and serious
  • Is happy, friendly, understanding and joyful
  • Has experience in overcoming and working with a wide range of personal issues, including severe depression
  • Genuinely cares and has feeling – you are not just a number, statistic or protocol/procedure
  • Is focused on getting results and finding solutions
  • Has experience in counselling a wide range of people from different backgrounds
  • Studies and implements world class solutions
  • Is also respected at corporate/business level and subject to the “if you are no good, you are fired” dynamic

On a personal note; I was as a child psychologically, emotionally and physically abused (not sexually). This messed up my life. Despite this, I overcame my problems and became a decent person, albeit with a wary view of nasty people, and had to “rebuild” my mind etc. I did not turn into a kiddie basher etc either, so I know it is possible not to “carry on the behaviour”. Looking back now, whilst I would never want to go through it again, I have been very fortunate because the situation has enabled me to experience many wonderful things in life which I otherwise would not have – in other words I turned the situation into a great positive. Sadly this is not the case with many, or most.
Whilst I have studied a range of material and courses, the academic aspect is not the biggest key to getting results as a Counsellor. I have spent time helping other victims of “life” like I once was – if you have been there, rather than spent time just studying in an academic facility and/or simply helping others from a base of no personal experience, it makes a big difference. Along with Counselling work, other aspects of my life mean that I have seen and heard it all – so if you need help and really want to overcome your issues (not everybody really does) then please do get in touch.
I have counselled people with some very deep problems – sometimes life and death type issues – which meant that I had to have real solutions – not hot air. Sure, these people were in a big mess, but they definitely knew who could help and could spot the half-baked “therapists” a mile away. Let someone who was born in the ‘jungle’ and fought his way out help you to find those peaceful, joyous and sunlit uplands. Contact me today on 0468 315 333 (From outside Australia: +61 468 315 333) or email: leon AT, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
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Important additional information about Counseling:
1) The first brief discussion (on the phone, or via email or chat) is free of charge – the purpose of this is twofold: a) It enables me to understand you and your specific needs; and b) It means that you can decide whether I am right for you, without obligation or spending any money. I am able to do this for a number of reasons, which include confidence that once you meet me/speak with me you will realise that I really can help you and that I am very genuine.
2) There are no counselling contracts – you pay on a per session basis and continuing is always entirely up to you.
3) My fees are $165 per hour. Couples $165 per hour.
4) In person or over the phone/Skype sessions are available, including video.
5) I only see people under 18 years of age when accompanied by a parent, guardian, official or carer. This is my decision – whilst I have governmental security clearance to work with minors (Blue Card), I prefer not to continue counselling anyone under 18, unless accompanied for a number of reasons.
6) Serious inquiries only please – I get results, focus intensely on real solutions. So, if you want to make a difference in your life or business then please get in touch today – there is no obligation – just make the call, email or send a letter. Be someone who takes action and end your pain. Contact me today.

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