What Is A Black Shaman? Are They Bad Shamans?

Many people would, somewhat understandably, assume that a ‘Black Shaman’ is a term for a bad, or evil, Shaman; simply because of the use of the word ‘black’.
Ironically, this type of subconscious mind conditioning concerning the word ‘black’ in context of spirituality, is probably Christian in origin. Christianity of course is a ‘new’ religion in world history terms, having been invented around 2000 years ago. Shamanism however, closely related to Animism – which is humanity’s original spirituality, has been around for tens of thousands of years – a fact supported by extensive archaeological evidence.
What is bad, or evil? This is of course a difficult question to answer when we consider that multitudes of people have different definitions. In my view, and simply speaking, bad or evil is defined as that which is contrary to the will of loving Spirit. Now, some things are obviously bad and we have a partly working conscience which can help us determine this. I say ‘partly’ because that is a significant part of our problem – our deep-seated subconscious conditioning – religious, spiritual or otherwise – affects our conscience and can make it faulty.
To try to simplify the bad/evil issue further: Let’s say a Spirit mind exists. A core aspect of this Spirit mind is that it is loving, as well as being wise. The problem then is that our minds do not fully align with the Spirit mind, for various reasons, a major one of which is the hindrance of our subconscious. Thus we do not fully understand what is good and bad – how can we? Often, what appears to be bad can be good and vice versa. Among other things, this illustrates the critical importance of humility, abhorrence of our own opinion unless genuinely based on facts and the need to clear subconscious blocks which distort thinking and our realisation of truth/wisdom.
So, what is a ‘Black Shaman’?
I quote from the Tengerism website:

There are three different types of shamans- Black, White, and Yellow. The first two of these types are traditional and the third, a result of influence from Buddhism.   It is important to note that the designations of “Black” and “White” do not mean “evil” and “good”. There are different types of spirits that shamans work with and they reside within the four directions. In Siberian tradition, each direction has a colour. A shaman’s colour is determined from which direction he gets his power.

Black Shaman Tradition

Black shamans are the most powerful of all the shamans and they get their power from the Northern direction. They are warrior shamans and overcome evil by battling might vs. might. They are the models of courage and discipline. Historically, Black shamans had fulfilled roles in both times of peace and in times of war. In wartime, they boosted the soldiers’ morale and did cerimonies to help in battle. The power of the army was connected to the Black shamans, so these shamans were heavily recruited in times of war. During times of peace, Black shamans served as advisors and conducted foreign policy by making peace and alliances. During the time of the Mongolian Empire, all treaties were ratified by shaman ceremonies. Both historically and today, Black shamans do many other types of shamanic work. They do hunting rituals, healing work, protection, divination, and curse enemies. Black shamans have to be careful to stay in balance, for a shaman that curses too much, will lose their ability to heal and would become an outcast.

Wikipedia has this to say: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_shamanism
I would also point out that ‘Black Shamans’ are not, and were not, exclusive to the far east. Shamanism is a world wide spiritual practice and is hard-coded into the psyche of every human being; which is one reason why using visual techniques (think top sportspeople for example) is so effective. The visual is a critically important tenet of Shamanism.
So what about the ‘war stuff’? Isn’t that bad?
Let me ask you a question…If you had been in World War 2 fighting the Nazis would you have asked the same question? If Britain, the US and others had not resisted (i.e waged war against) Nazi Germany, what kind of world would we be living in today?
War then, is bad if it is engaged in for the wrong reasons. Which of course brings us back to being in tune with the mind of loving Spirit. And yes, shooting an advancing SS storm-trooper would have been a good thing. Ideally, and if multitudes of people (especially leaders) tuned into genuine Spirit (and not religious dogma or quasi spirituality), we would not have as much war. Unfortunately our current societal situation means that someone is coming to ‘do bad’ to you if they get the chance. Even if it is simply to burgle your house, or lie to gain advantage over you.
As we know, other people can be a problem. These problems stem from how they think. Besides the obvious effects of ghastly thinking such as Adolf Hitler and his cronies indulged in last century, there is the little known ‘thought-form’ effect. How we think can create a ‘thought-form’ which has spiritual power – at times we can even feel it; good examples are those places which have an unexplained feeling associated with them. Advanced practitioners of the martial art Ninjutsu are able to attack an enemy’s mind simply by thinking.
One of the ‘jobs’ of a ‘Black Shaman’ is to counter evil thought forms in the spiritual dimension/plane. These thought forms can emanate from individual people, groups, societies and even whole countries. An important aspect is tuning into the will and wisdom of Spirit by the Black Shaman so that he, or she, is acting correctly and ethically. Apart from the fact that using spiritual power in the wrong way would make a Black Shaman part of the problem, we need to bear in mind that any person, and any Shaman, steps into the bad/evil zone to one degree or another when they are not aligning with true Spiritual wisdom.
Personally, I have taken a ‘quality decision’ and ‘heart alignment’ that I only want the will of loving Spirit in my life and actions. This includes an attitude of being willing to be made willing. Logic plays a big part too – consider this: if indeed there is a loving and all-powerful Spirit mind, doesn’t it make sense to be as humble and willing as possible? By creating a ‘mind vacuum’ you ‘legally’ create the vacancy for the Spirit mind. Your opinion is crap unless proven otherwise. In fact, your opinion can be the cause of much suffering and even evil. Come on…you know yourself deep inside.
The term ‘legal’ brings me to my closing point…why, if there is a loving and all-powerful Spirit, doesn’t ‘it/she/he’ make the world a better place ASAP? We certainly need a solution…
Think about it this way…a loving mind does not force itself on people. Had loving Spirit forced itself on Adolf Hitler to change his thinking for example, then Spirit would have ceased to exist as ‘loving’ and instead would have become an abuser….er…like Adolf. This is just one reason it is critical for you to clear subconscious mind blocks/conditioning; because it is hindering you from finding truth and wisdom. Some of this conditioning can even be of the ‘lovey-dovey’ spiritual kind – it looks good on the surface.
And by the way…in case some ‘smart-ass’ might try to home in on an apparent contradiction – loving Spirit not forcing Adolf Hitler to change his thinking, yet it would have been OK for someone to shoot him. Shooting Hitler would have been a form of hindrance, diversion, a form of prevention. It is not the same as subjugating a will at its core. Just because a mind can kill, does not mean it is not a loving mind. The key is the intent behind the thought and deed.
Had my abilities been manifest during the Falklands War when I was a young man, being British I would have used them against the minds, health and more of the Argentine pilots in particular, and especially their more senior officers (pilots). My aim would have been to cause the Argentine pilots to make more mistakes at a minimum, and thus help our people increase their kill rate, thus protecting our military personnel (my ‘brothers’) from people who invaded, and were the aggressors in the first place.
And here’s another thought you may find shocking…do we know what Hitler is doing now? Is he enjoying the beautiful peace often described by people who have had a near death experience?
Wisdom of Near Death Experiences: How Understanding NDEs Can Help Us Live More Fully
Or was Hitler so evil that he crossed a line and is thus in a hellish dimension? Where is that line? Perhaps Hitler has been ‘forgiven’? How evil have we been? How evil could we have been had our governments embraced Nazism? How can we judge others and be fair? Honestly? These are of course rhetorical questions, however the best ‘answer’ is that we need to connect with genuine Spirit ourselves and find out how to think clearly. Lest we do evil.
Additional points for consideration:

  1. Do think about how you might be compassionate to ‘wrongdoers’.
  2. Don’t be unjust; which is easy to do.
  3. Those who know how to curse are better placed to know how to heal and counter curses.
  4. What about the “Law of Threefold Return”, often quoted by Wiccans and others? This concept, which has debatable history, was apparently initially published by Gerald Gardner in his novel High Magic’s Aid in 1949. The “Law of Threefold Return” is, among other things, a form of self curse, as well as a ‘selfish motivator’ for doing good in case something bad happens to you. A healthy and mature relationship with Spirit fosters, facilitates and embodies a liking for righteousness for its own sake – not as a means of avoiding a ‘penalty’. As we have seen, at times it is necessary to harm and this includes by spiritual means.
  5. Tacitus, a Roman historian, tells us that ancient Druids from his time cursed their enemies.
  6. If you want to challenge your thinking still further, have a read of: Dark Shamanism: Embracing the Shadow. Read it also in context that perhaps, in some cases, some of the people described within may have wandered off the true path of Shamanism with some of their actions – somewhat similar to the issue that all religions and spiritual traditions are corruptions of our original spirituality, which is Animism.
  7. It is important to have an attitude which is able and willing to bless one’s enemies/bad people if Spirit wills it – in other words; having a ‘non -attachment’ to the outcome.
  8. The Bible, in John 15:13 New Living Translation (NLT), says: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” An alternative (better)mindset is: ‘for one’s enemies’ (or; ‘for people to whom you have no attachment, or who can do you no harm/cannot help you’) – and if you have that attitude/are capable of doing that, then you are truly free of untoward malice.
  9. Finally, and this is deep; besides the point of us, here in the West, having been ‘pickled’ in Christian and other New Age ‘lovey-dovey’ subconscious spiritual conditioning; most of us have never acknowledged and thus been able to get free from, the deep evil ‘potential’ that resides in our own souls. Thus we can be ‘defensive’, or think with apparent certainty that we would never behave in a certain way – yet without having been in a situation where we might find out the truth about ourselves (example: if our survival was threatened) how can we be sure? Personally, I rely on Spirit for ‘goodness’ in my heart, as well as peace of mind and lots more, for long ago during my Shamanic ‘initiation’ I realised that my heart was capable of any depth of evil.

Please get in touch if you think you need help overcoming ‘bad energies’, curses or similar.


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